Nestled in the Crags; Ingwe Estate, a secure and exclusive estate surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, renowned beach, bush and sporting amenities.
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The Art of Living Naturally

Nestled in the Crags on the sunny south coast of South Africa, Ingwe is an estate offering exclusive secluded, off the grid living in a haven of secure wilderness. The exclusive Garden Route lifestyle is one that is perfect for people looking for a place to retire that is a step away from city life, while still offering an exciting and attractive lifestyle and for families looking to give their children a wondrous seaside upbringing with all the adventure and excitement that comes with it, with the ease of travel at the centrally located airports.

With Nature at your back door; you’re surrounded by truly awe-inspiring natural wonders, an opportunity which city life simply doesn’t offer. With cascading mountains, winding rivers, towering forests, award-winning national parks and blue-flag beaches Ingwe offers its residents the exclusive opportunity to have nature as your backyard, allowing you to sit back and truly enjoy the views. Or, if you’re inclined to explore the outdoors, there are ample opportunities for walks, hikes, kayaks, boating, fishing or bicycle rides. Ingwe Estate envisioned a unique living opportunity for residents with seamless integration of natural beauty and urban living. Imagine your perfect and exclusive vacation getaway transitioning into a destination which you can call home. 

Every residence has been carefully designed to accentuate it’s natural features. Simply select your location, then choose from a selection of sustainable smart homes designed to enhance and harmonize with the surrounding ecosystem. Preserving a piece of paradise and creating yours simultaneously.

Ingwe Estate, The Wild Side of Refined

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